Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds look great in any room and can be made in any shape and size, ideal for conservatory roofs.

Available as 20 and 50mm pleats, many of our pleated fabrics come with solar protective coating. This keeps the heat in during the winter, helping to save on heating costs and keeps the heat out in the summer.

To comply with child safety regulations, our free hanging pleated blinds come with a cord tidy. Pleated blinds can also be used inside a perfect fit frame which needs no cords to operate.

All our pleated blinds are made with “equi-pleat”, which gives equal spacing to all the pleats in the whole length of the blind. Many of our competitors do not use this system, which means that, as gravity takes affect, it causes flattened pleats at the top of the blind and gathered pleats at the bottom. When fitted to a roof , they glide along tension wires which keeps the blind at the same angle as the roof and are pre-tensioned, which allows the blind to stop in any position.

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